Upgrading & Installation Process for Alfresco

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Since Alfresco is a product with more than 10 years in the market, installing and upgrading processes are well-defined.

Three different processes can be identified, but all of them can be combined within a project to produce a final platform.

Installing process

Installing Alfresco requires a previous analysis of the organisation in order to provide the best architectural approach to every scenario.

At validating step, volumetric measures (in users, applications or repository size) should be tested to ensure platform performance under heavy load conditions.

Upgrading process

Upgrading Alfresco requires a previous analysis of the initial platform in order to ensure that every configuration and customisation is realised according to Alfresco standard extensions mechanisms and that every of them works in the target Alfresco release. Also upgrading path must be considered, as not in every case is possible to move in one step from a previous Alfresco release to the last one.

At validating step, original configurations and customisations have to be tested in the new release. If integrated applications existed in the previous version, unit and integration testing for this applications should be also included.

Migrating process

Migrating contents to Alfresco requires a previous analysis of contents in order to identify transformation actions to be performed: OCR, classification, permissions,…

At validating step, common users and apps operations must be included. If it is a technologic migration (i.e. from SQL Server / Oracle to PostgreSQL / MySQL), also a database integrity and consistent test should be designed.


  • Analysis
  • Architecture Approach
  • Upgrading Plan
    • Upgrading Report (one by environment)
  • Migrating Plan
    • Migrating Report (one by environment)
  • Validating Plan
    • Validating Report (one by environment)
  • Installing Guide
  • Operating Guide
  • Learning Material

Every operation is performed and documented in a TEST environment before repeating it at PROD environment.

Every starting point is valid, having your documents in shared folders or using an old EMC product over Oracle RAC. You can adopt Alfresco in your company!

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