DataOnOff & CordovaDesktop

One of the problems facing software apps and in particular mobile apps are possible server connection failures. DataOnOff resolves online/offline connection systems by allowing users to interact with a remote information repository to carry out the operations for which the app is designed regardless of whether or not they have server connection at the time.


DataOnOff y CordovaDesktop


When server connection is not available the user works with the terminal database and when it is up and running again the information is synchronized and the device carries out the stored operations in a totally transparent way to users and to the apps.


Use DATAOnOff in apps where you want to be sure that none of your data are lost when the connection is down.


It is intended for use in places where reception is poor or warehouses where reception can be difficult.

It integrates with the JS frameworks currently available on the market.

This project is available under OpenSource licence thanks to the collaboration of the Government of Aragon.

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