The arrival of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, phablets… ) allows people to work quickly and efficiently from any location.

These new devices require specially adapted contents which organizations have to provide if they want to get the maximum benefits from them. The technologies we use are fairly recent but widely established, for example, AngularJS which is used as the development framework along with reliable hybrid apps databases.




We focus on providing the best experience for users, creating attractive, intuitive designs using multiple, totally-combinable technologies:

  • Responsive and/or adaptable website designs using CSS3 grids.
  • Mobile web apps, making maximum use of mobile hardware (GPS, speedometer, notifications, camera…) using HTML5.
  • Cordova/Phonegap-based hybrid apps with a native app look & feel.
  • Native apps for devices (Android, iOS…)
  • Backend based apps that allow customers to modify and update data without having to implement new versions.


At keensoft we know how to use technology and how to combine it to adapt to each specific case.

We also help develop global solutions based on OpenSource philosophy capable of driving forward the knowledge society.