It is important to establish mechanisms that guarantee the authenticity of stored e-documents.

keensoft has developed an e-custody repository that ensures the legal validity of e-documentation during the period in force.


  • It stores the e-documents and guarantees access to them.
  • It stores and preserves the validity of the e-signatures associated with the document that confer its legal nature.
  • It establishes accessibility policies that allow documents to be accessed and read regardless of how the app evolves. For this purpose e-format conversion systems have to be established.
  • It stores metadata that describe the contents of the document and the operations it has undergone.  These data are encoded in the established standards that allow interoperability with other e-record systems.
  • It has API interfaces that allow the apps to use the e-records.

This system is based on the OAIS1 (Open Archival Information System) ISO 14721:2003. The information object of the stored record is a composition of:

  • Saved document
  • Information preservation metadata
  • Information package metadata
  • Descriptive metadata



Document in a preservable format

Each information package will be stored in METS format allowing management of the complex data of metadata + digital object that form a record.

In relation to this,INSIDE (Infraestructure and E-documentation systems) is a project undertaken by theCentro de Transferencia de Tecnología  (Technology Transfer Centre) belonging to the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations and which consists of the abstraction of a document management system that meets the CMIS standard for documentary management of files and electronic documents, as specified in the technical standards of the E.N.I. Documents, signatures, metadata, versions of the same document, etc. are stored and can be consulted and managed via web services for integration with any app that manages documents according to ENI standard specifications.