Document management

Mobility and collaboration are increasingly important in companies today. It is now possible to work anywhere, with anyone and using any device. Everything can be connected via the cloud. In other words Alfresco guarantees that its contents are available wherever you go.

Over 6 years of experience in company organization, design and roll-out of work processes guarantees our ability to implement document management systems in all of their facets, both human and technological.


Our services consist of:

  • Identifying and describing the type of documents
  • Consultancy and assessment to define workflows
  • Implementing document management systems
  • Integrating the DMS with other existing operational systems
  • Specific technical and user training (Change management).


A document management system is the basis for correct electronic administration in organizations. What differentiates our DMS from standard roll-outs is that it integrates with all of the organization’s other systems.


Alfresco integrates with MS Office, Apple iWork, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs and many more software applications. And what is more, it is open source which means that we can innovate much faster so you will never have to worry about contents becoming trapped in a proprietary platform and then closed.

At a technological level our staff is officially certified to develop Alfresco, solutions, the market’s leading Open Source document management system.

The result of this is the creation of Alfresco add-ons, both public (nubarchiva Alfresco) and personalized ones for our customers.