Knowledge management

The rate at which corporate documents grow increases every year.

The volume of information generated must be preserved in order to consult it quickly and immediately. The incorporation of electronic formats with their authentication and security systems make implementation of document management systems a priority.


Collaborative Intranet

Organizations require in-house tools that allow them to work with information in order to create, share, combine and publish quickly and in a flexible and collaborative way.
Intranets have evolved from being merely informative systems to becoming the company’s natural work environment.

Records management

The archives of an institution organize the information of all of its documents. With the arrival of electronic documents new media have been incorporated and there are new maintenance needs such as maintaining access to information from one single point. This makes it essential to have a Records Management System (RMS) that centralizes all of this information.

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Document management

Electronic documents need a Document Management System, which is a computer system that is used for tracking and archiving electronic documents and/or images of scanned paper documents.

These systems include the following modules:

  • Capture, recognition (OCR, OMR).
  • Description of metadata for location.
  • Indexing and search.
  • Distribution to users through self-service systems.
  • Editing and cooperation with maintenance and use.
  • Work flows and integration into current processes and systems.

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    Digital Electronic custody

    Stored electronic documents require mechanisms that can guarantee their authenticity. For this purpose keensoft has developed an electronic custody repository that ensures the legal validity of electronic documents during their period in force.

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