Data integration

Talend data integration products provide powerful, flexible integration. Companies no longer have to worry about how databases and apps are going to communicate and instead can focus on maximizing the value of data use.


Some of the specific features that make Talend the ideal platform for designing, developing and executing data migration processes are:


  • Quick, scalable execution platform with both the ETL and ELT processes, ensuring minimum downtimes.
  • Maximum connectivity – more than 450 source and target systems.
  • Business process modeling guaranteeing correct coordination during data migration and business processes.
  • Totally graphic development environment, improving productivity and permitting reuse of data allocations and transformations of synchronization processes.
  • Task scheduling allows migration process management via an extensive range of systems, including error detection, error management and notification depending on the outcome of migration.
  • Management of the versions developed.
  • Monitoring of results


Talend’s Open Source and Business solutions meet the requirements of all customers.