Santiago Navarro, reelected as vice-President in Tecnara

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In the elections to the Governing Committee of the Association of ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications of Aragon, Tecnara, held during the General Assembly on 11 February, the Association’s members renewed their confidence in the current Governing Committee.

Thus, Sergio López Navarro (Hiberus) will continue as President of the Association accompanied by Santiago Navarro (Keensoft) as vice-President, Pablo Martín (DSI Analize Group) as treasurer, Víctor Vidal (Inycom) as secretary, and María Luisa Marín (Multitec), Antonoio Sánchez (Ada Computer) and Carlos Founaud (ia Soft Oesía) as committee members.

The aim of the President is to “guarantee the continuity of the association’s process of modernization that began when I was first elected in 2009 and to continue to reinforce the role of TECNARA as a catalyst for the ICT industry in Aragon.”

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