Patching Alfresco Solr6 locale sensitive issue (ALF-21940)

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When a new document is uploaded to Alfresco there are several properties generated, one of them is called sys:locale, this property get its value from the user’s browser language.

With the release of alfresco-search-service, that uses Solr6 as index engine, this property can be used to search a document. By default Alfresco, when searching in Solr6, uses a parameter called locale that get its value from user’s browser language. If a user upload a document called bee.png with browser language in English we can search for the name bee and get the document, but if the user change the browser language to other, he will not be able to search for the file by the name.

To solve this bug, we have created a patch for Alfresco where we override this part of the code changing locale parameter to add every locale from the search. This patch can be found in our GitHub

As usual, waiting your comments, contributions and pull request!

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