Our experience in WomenTechmakers 2018

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Last Saturday, October 22nd, the second edition of WomenTechmakers Zaragoza was celebrated. It is an initiative promoted globally by Google to make women visible in the field of technology and organized by Mulleres Tech in Zaragoza. WomenTechmakers is an event open to anyone interested in the world of technology, but the speakers are only women, since one of the objectives is to give them visibility as well as offer help and collaboration.


keensoft UST Global sponsored the WomenTechmakers Zaragoza event. As on other times we haven’t had any doubt about sponsoring an event of theses features. The event was a success, with all the tickets sold out from the first day (almost 300 people!), it had very diverse talks from more technical topics to more personal topics.

The event has been even more special because all girls of keensoft UST Global have been working together for months to prepare the four proposals that we sent to C4P, as well as to organize and design the sticker that we included in the welcome pack of all the attendees.


Sticker welcome pack  keensoft UST Global


We were very lucky that two of our four proposals sent to C4P were accepted! It was a real pride to represent keensoft UST Global with our concerns and knowledge. Alba Pardo presented “Las matemáticas que no sabías que sabías” and Sandra Escudero presented “La era del BigData en el deporte“. We can not be more proud of all the congratulations received. Thank you very much to all!




We want to thank the organizers for all the treatment received, both as speakers and sponsors. We also want to congratulate you for all the work you have done. We look forward to the event next year, which will surely be a success too.