keensoft takes part in Alfresco Summit 2013

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I'm Speaking at Alfresco Summit 2013
keensoft’s talk at the Alfresco 2013 Summit (Barcelona)
How to start working with Alfresco (for developers)

Congratulations to keensoft twice over! This year keensoft was present at the Alfresco Summit 2013 on two occasions. Firstly as part of Zaragoza City Council’s success story presented by Ricardo Cavero Director of Science and Technology at Zaragoza City Council on 6 November in the session entitled Putting Content to Work in the public sector. He explained how the City Council has implemented Alfresco as an internal corporate document management tool with keensoft as its technological partner. This rollout included both electronic signature systems and certified internal communication tools, permitting total electronic management of the City Council’s day to day documents.


Keensoft’s second appearance was in the Lightning – talk technical session also held on the 6th, where we explained how we carried out synchronization of Alfresco Activiti  tasks with an external system. We presented the success story of the Spanish National Library in which Alfresco was implemented as a collaborative work instrument.
We are very satisfied with our twofold participation in Alfresco Summit 2013 as it acknowledges our specialization in document and archive management using Alfresco as the base platform.

We would like to thank our customers for allowing us to take part in their projects and for recounting them. Our thanks also to Alfresco for their kind invitation

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