keensoft is sponsor for Alfresco DevCon 2018

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Alfresco Expertise Center at UST Global is now live!

We had two successful Alfresco Developer Conferences or BeeCon in 2016 & 2017 organised by the Order of the Bee. Probably this is why Alfresco is celebrating a new Alfresco DevCon next January in Lisbon. If you are interested in the insights of this history, you can read Jeff Potts or Order of the Bee blog post about it.

keensoft UST Global is a very active member inside Order of the Bee organisation, in fact keensoft was sponsor for BeeCon 2016 and BeeCon 2017 and also local organiser for BeeCon 2017. As this new Alfresco DevCon is the natural evolution for BeeCon spirit, we are going to be sponsor again.

We’re also collaborating with the CFP (call for papers) review committee, which will produce conference schedule in the next days. Probably this year is going to be special, as we have received more submissions from rockstar speakers than ever. It’s been hard to decide who is in and who is out, but every session track will be a blast, for sure.

See you next January in Lisbon.

Registration will be open soon, so stay tuned to get your Early Bird ticket!

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