HTML 5 contents preview using Alfresco 4.3 CE

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New addon to Alfresco in our GitHub
Alfresco Community has launched version 5 release

Alfresco is working on its new version of Alfresco One Community, which will be called 4.3.a. The installation programs can be downloaded in night branch distribution.

One of the most conspicuos characteristics is the adding, in a native way, of a component to preview documents just in HTML 5, replacing Flash component. That adding means that the dependencies of the software installed in the customer machine will be erased, as it is only required a browser with HTML5 support to use it. So that, you will get to address problems such as failures in installation and use of Flash and Java pluging  and as contents preview problems.

The current version allows you to use functionalities such as: search, expand, page browser, miniature browser, index browser and link access.


Nowadays, there is not a scheduled date for the launching of this version, so that many current users of documental management systems are supposed to change.