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Overview of the 2014 Alfresco Summit 2014 (London)
keensoft in the press again: Colombia´s mission

keensoft has spent two weeks in Colombia where it has worked on two objectives:

  • To sound out the market to see if our products have a place in the country’s organizations and companies
  • To find a local partner that shares keensoft’s mission-vision so that we can share our specialization and to grow in symbiosis.


Colombia is undergoing a period of rapid growth and has passed legislation on document management and zero paper policies in line with the international trends in place in Spain and the rest of Europe. To this regard the Government shows its firm support for capacity-building in the Colombian IT industry and the country’s technological evolution.


Based on this initial scenario, the results of these work-packed days with four meetings daily, have been truly thrilling. We have visited end customers: public and private organizations, companies, universities and health centers; we have held meetings with legislative bodies: the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, the General Archive of the Nation, Government online; and we have presented our products in companies in different sectors.


The outcome has been overwhelming; our document management products (Alfresco), archive management (nubarchiva), mobility (BaobApp) and, above all, digital information durability (icearchiva) totally comply with Colombian laws on document management, zero paper and digital processing of information and they are an ideal complement for the system map of the organizations we have visited, both in functional and technical terms.


Having achieved our first objective, which was to see that our products are valid for the Colombian market, we now have a series of meetings with local IT companies to try to reach a collaboration agreement that will enable us to provide the quality service that our customers are used to receiving.

These meetings will take place in September and before the end of 2015 we will be going back to Colombia to sign agreements and to start the necessary actions with regard to customers, wherever opportunities have been detected.

Keensoft has been able to validate its products and services but most importantly we are very satisfied that the quality of our service, our customer-oriented vocation and our enthusiasm for our profession are also valued in Colombia. We hope that we will soon be able to publish our success stories.

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