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Android 5, lollipop codename

As from 3 November Android terminals will begin to receive the much awaited Android 5 that includes a set of enhancements both in terms of OS programming and graphic interface.

With this launch Google has published a full design guide on which google apps will be based and which we can use to create our new applications.

If the guide indications are followed we achieve a better user experience and create apps that are fully integrated with the new operating system.


Lollipop App

keensoft was interested in testing the new sdk that also includes all that is required to develop wearables and the future google tv, news of which will be coming soon. To do this we published a market app that allows the new elements to be displayed.

It is important to remember that many devices will not be upgradable and so that we have to make the apps compatible with models that still use Android 4.x.

To implement the new functions and make them compatible with Android 4 and 5 the following dependency has to be built:


This dependency provides support to ensure app compatibility.

The app source code includes examples for generating the new menu, the DrawerLayout, a backward compatible implementation of the new “fab” floating button and an example of Android 5 transitions, which can only be viewed in devices with the latest system upgrade as it is not available for previous versions. All of this is developed with gradle and the latest version of Android Studio.


For further information please consult the following article in the developers’ blog | androiddevelopers


Source code of the demo app in Github

Animación lollipopdemo

App available in Play Store

Aplicación Android





Whats new

Apart from improving the Android theme design, the notifications system has been modified.

Llamada entrante lollipop


The multitask system has been improved and this will enable us to make better use of our devices and the way in which the apps are displayed.

Multitarea lollipop

Improvements in OpenGL ES 3.1 allowing better videogames to be created.


Battery consumption has been reduced, enabling there to be several users per device, which is just one of several enhancements, such as the new type of sensor: the pulse sensor and the improvements in the inclination sensor.

Another improvement is Chromium WebView, which allows the use of the very latest html technology in our hybrid applications as well the possibility of upgrading the browser – something that was not possible in the previous versions.

More information: lollipop


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