An introduction to Software AG Technology

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In Keensoft, within the different integration projects that we carry out, some of them are implemented with Software AG’s technology.

Within the Software AG’s product portfolio, we come across one called webMethods, which is the suite of products that provides a solution to the integration between different systems regardless of the architecture and their integration model.

One of the main integration model, is the use of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which in webMethods suite, is covered through an application called webMethods Integration Server (IS), which is one of the core application servers in the webMethods platform. It is a Java-based, multiplatform enterprise integration server. One of the key features is the high number of connectors that allows communication with any business software in the market.

For this communication, we can use several available resources, such as:

  • Universal Messaging: solution for high-performance, low-latency messaging across a wide array of delivery channels, including all mainstream enterprise, web and mobile platforms.
  • SAP Adapter: provides easy solutions for SAP connectivity that enables you to connect SAP applications to other sources quickly and easily.
  • JDBC Adapter: Add-on that enables you to exchange data with relational databases through the use of JDBC driver, providing a seamless and real-time connection.
  • Trading Networks: solution for B2B integration that enables you to rules-driven document processing.
  • Active Transfer: Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that enables you to safety exchange files of any size between systems.