Alfresco Tech Talk Live 106 (powered by keensoft)

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Tech Talk Live #106

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – 4:00pm

This event is organised by Alfresco and broadcasted by using YouTube platform every month. Both Alfresco engineers and Alfresco community members collaborate on these sessions to describe technical features of the platform. In episode #82, keensoft talked about upgrading Alfresco to 5.0 release. In #85, keensoft shared their participation at Virtual Hack-a-thon 2015.

This time, keensoft will experiment from a bottom-up perspective Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Search Services features. Some material has been provided in order to make easier for you to follow the session:

  • Docker compose including content, searching and rendition Alfresco services
  • Postman catalog with an ordered API REST call list to test every described feature

Slides deck will be also provided before the session, stay tuned!


Join us next Wednesday! Every question will be answered during or after the session.

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