Alfresco SDK 3.0 beta 1 available

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Our road from Alfresco 5.1.g to Alfresco 201701
Our road from Alfresco CE 5.0.c to Alfresco CE 5.1.g

It has been released the first beta for Alfresco SDK 3.0, which is the Alfresco Developer Framework based in Maven.

Many changes have arrived since that first release announced by Gab and Maoo for Alfresco Summit 2014. And it looks like the new development team (Gab and Maoo quit from Alfresco last year) is planning even more.

Following some of the new features included:

  • Spring Loaded (free and open source) is abandoned as RAD tool to adopt JRebel (payment required and closed)
  • JAR first approach for module packaging instead of AMP
    • JAR packaging, even with the many goodies identified by Alfresco, does not work for many development scenarios. So AMP will be prevailing as an essential tool for developers
  • There is a weird feature related with applying third party addons by selecting the order of application
    • Haven’t we overcome all this control dependency issues years ago with automatic tools?
  • However, maybe the best news is that this is the first Alfresco SDK release supporting different Alfresco versions
    • 5.0, 5,1 y 5,2 ootb
    • 4.2 with minor manual changes in pom.xml

However, they are still working in other new features for this release:

  • Testing
  • Integration with Alfresco SPK
    • Maybe this is interesting only for Alfresco Inc, which is the one using that Alfresco SPK framework
  • Full support Yeoman generator from Bindu Wavell
    • Maybe Alfresco is acquiring/adopting this technology for the future, but currently is also a very low used framework

There is no final date for this release, but it looks like times of change are coming.

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