alfresco-myfiles-quota: new add-on available for Alfresco

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Our road from Alfresco CE 4.2.c to Alfresco CE 5.0.c
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Alfresco has a user quota system that allows you to define the maximum storage capacity for all of the documents uploaded to the system by a user.

alfresco-myfiles-quota allows you to define a default quota for all users. This quota is only applied in the user’s private folder which is accessible through the My files menu. This way users can include the necessary information in Share Sites without any restrictions (or with the set user quota) but have limited storage space in their personal folder.


This add-on has been developed based on the alfresco-folder-quota project which enabled establishing quotas for folders in 4.0 versions of Alfresco.

You have the alfresco-myfiles-quota add-on available in our GitHub under LGPL license and it has been tested in the 4.2.c/f and 5.0.a/b versions.

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2 Comments to “ alfresco-myfiles-quota: new add-on available for Alfresco”

  1. Subash V says :


    We have installed the AMP to our Alfresco 4.2.e, The module got installed, but it is throwing a error as Form Definition Not Found when clicking the menu Folder Quota.
    We are using Ubuntu 14.04. Followed the traditional method of installing the AMP, as we don;t use Maven. Please guide me

    Subash V

  2. Angel Borroy says :


    Please use the release compatible with 4.2.f at

    Thanks for using our software.