How Alfresco is driving the Digital Transformation

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Understanding what Alfresco will be like in 2018
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Since 2008, Alfresco has been present in ECM Gartner’s Magic Quadrants. The product started as a niche player, oriented to a small segment market probably due to that Open Source spirit, but it switched soon to visionary category.

From 2009 to 2015, Alfresco was increasing the ability to execute without loosing the focus on the changing market rules. During these years, the product was definitively a reference in the market and a successful Open Source model for many other companies.

However, when Gartner destroyed ECM market in 2016, Alfresco was re-classified as challenger. The industry recognised a strong ability to execute for the product, but some doubts about the understanding of market direction arose. During 2017, ability to execute continued growing and it was also a tight movement into leaders quadrant.

Some customers asked us in these last weeks about the acquisition of Alfresco by Thomas H. Lee Partners, as many different theories have been filling the Net since then.

This information is not based in any official resource, but all the hints are pointing to the same thing: Alfresco is reducing the product “cloudification” time-to-market in order to jump to Leaders quadrant soon.

Currently, Alfresco has an unbeatable Open Source approach, that provides extensive (and open) APIs and interfaces ready to be integrated fast with every external service. Differentiation and innovation, that have been always heading Alfresco roadmap, are still producing amazing news, as being the first major Content Service vendor to provide an Amazon Web Services Quick Start button. And of course, the power of Alfresco Community, that has been named recently as one of the most skilled and collaborative in the Open Source market, is a key success factor.

So, what else is required to speed up that Digital Transformation?

One of the most relevant features to make easier and faster the adoption of new Cloud approach by the companies, is the ability to connect a service with other by using native connectors and extensions. Alfresco is building a Cloud architecture based in components and applications to improve third party developers ability to contribute their own solutions.

As content repositories are growing in number and type, Content Services products need to split functions in well-sized services, to provide a flexible execution environment able to be adapted to sudden changes in use demand.

And as a generic Content Services product, Alfresco has to be always open to understand changing organization needs and to provide professional support to these requests.

Many changes are coming to Alfresco Universe in the next months and we look forward to it!

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