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Alfresco provides its Community version validated for open source databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL), while the Enterprise version supports these databases as well as commercial databases (Oracle, Sql Server, DB2).

However, as its database access engine is based on iBatis, an Alfresco Community installation can be carried out on an Oracle RAC. We currently have an installation of these characteristics that has been running normally under moderate use as it is a pilot scheme to assess the fitness of the product and whether the Enterprise version should be subsequently adopted. However, occasionally apparently random problems arise in the management of node versions.


To identify these incidents we have had to read the Alfresco source code, generate debugging artifacts and have required the collaboration of the Community as well as that of the Alfresco forum. Finally, we discovered that the scripts for creating the database in Oracle provided by the Community did not include the ORDER directive, causing, in some cases, a non-sequential assignment of identifiers to the nodes created in Alfresco. The Alfresco versioning service uses this unique node identifier to carry out historic sorting of the different node versions, which is correct when the sequence has been generated temporarily, but which causes different problems when the described factors coincide.


It is generally not advisable to carry out installations on platforms that are not supported by the product manufacturer, although a community that supports open source products such as Alfresco facilitates maintenance and problem-solving tasks.

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3 Comments to “ Alfresco Community runs on Oracle”

  1. Wajdi says :

    Hello , did you find out how to configure oracle against alfresco community 4.2.c ?

  2. Angel Borroy says :

    Use addon, but I recommend you not to apply this patch on production environments.

  3. Error says :

    Hi Angel,
    I’ve got anerror while trying this : Missing files in alfresco\ibatis\org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect

    Any help please !