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Alfresco has launched the very first public release for its new developer framework denominated Alfresco Application Framework. More details can be obtained at

This framework includes a set of basic Angular 2 componentes for Alfresco and Activiti and an easy building tool for apps and components based on Yeoman. All these componentes run on the new API REST which is developed by using but it’s not currently public available because of being first distributed with Alfresco CE 201606-EA.

Following links include all the references to the blocks of this new universe:


Alfresco is building a new developer channel for fronted developers community, by promoting web apps creation according to current running rules. By now, Alfresco Share is still alive as main web app for customers and also classic extension methods (Aikau, Spring Surf, FTL) are fully functional. However, in my opinion, this product has changed to maintenance status, so no new features can be expected in the next months from this side.

These first sample components for Angular 2 do not allow to build real applications. However, once these components grow up and other join the catalog, the main challenge for Alfresco will be to manage those hundreds of Angular 2 web applications running over hundreds of Angular 2 Alfresco versioned components.

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