Alfresco Activiti, a comparison between the Community version and the Enterprise version

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Alfresco Activiti Community has been around as a BPM engine in Alfresco One since version 4.0 in 2012, although the first version of Activiti was released in 2010. However, up to the end of 2014, the project stayed true to its vocation of a workflow engine without exploiting its capabilities as a full BPM Suite. In mid-2014, Alfresco decided to add extra functionalities to the engine that would enable integrated management of process implementation in organizations and so the first version of Alfresco Activiti Enterprise (with BPM Suite format) was launched in December 2014.

Here below, we compare the components and features included in each of these versions (Community and Enterprise).

Architecture and components

Community version


Enterprise version



Common to both the Enterprise version and the Community version:

  • Fast and robust process engine with native support for BPMN 2.0
  • Connectors with external systems (Alfresco CMIS, …)
  • Integrated with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Process designing through web interface (AngularJS in Enterprise and vaadin in Community)
  • Form modeling (AngularJS in Enterprise and vaadin in Community)
  • Process design using an Eclipse plug-in
  • Process exporting in BPMN 2.0 (XML) format
  • Export of process diagrams in image format
  • API REST and Java
  • Native Multitenancy
  • Process definition monitoring


Features exclusive to Enterprise:

  • Automatic cluster configuration
  • Web interface configuration of cluster and BPM engines (activiti-admin)
  • Customised toolbox design (using templates)
  • Shared Templates
  • Customizable model extensions (icons and color schemes)
  • Process Repository
  • Aid with process modeling through web interface (comments)
  • Collaboration between web process designers and Eclipse N process designers
  • Aid with task implementation (comments, documents and people)
  • Version control for defining procedures
  • Favorite models of process
  • Process importing in BPMN 2.0 format (XML)
  • Model validating via the web interface
  • Automatic creation of process documents in PDF format
  • Process instance monitoring
  • Includes a collaboration interface in the Cloud (


Web interfaces

Community version


Enterprise version







Alfresco launches its Activiti BPM engine as a complete Suite, a BPM engine that is already part of the most widely used process implementation solutions on the market.

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