Alfresco 5.0 CE is now available to the community

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This week Alfresco has brought out its new version 5.0 CE that is now available to the community. This version includes support for the new Google Drive API (replacing integration with Google Docs), an upgrade of the Aikau framework in Share, the public endpoint to invoke the Alfresco API from Share (/proxy/alfresco-api) and it also provides solutions for quite a few incidents.

In addition to these features, this new release has two characteristics particularly worth underlining:

  • It is the first version to be released with JDK 1.8.0 (although it also supports the 1.7 version)
  • It restores some of /alfresco’s admin consoles that were removed in previous releases.


JDK 1.8.0

Using Java 1.8.0 enables you to use the new memory management characteristics, which in turn means that you can forget about the static dimensioning of permanent memory space (PermGen). This increases system availability and reduces operating errors.


Admin consoles

Four admin consoles have been restored and are accessible through /alfresco with administrator privileges:

  • The work flow console allowing consultation and management of tasks associated with user work flows.
  • The multi-entity console that allows management of Alfresco configuration based on different tenants
  • The messages and content model console allowing consultation and management of user content models and messages
  • The node browser console, also available through the /share path, that allows access to detailed properties and to the node hierarchy stored in Alfresco.

The 5.0.d version of Alfresco is recommended for organizations that are in the 5.0 branch and that require the admin options provided by the restored consoles


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