Upgrading Alfresco from 201701-GA to 201702-GA

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My experience at Alfresco Meetup at London (March 1, 2017)
Our road from Alfresco 5.1.g to Alfresco 201701

Since we upgraded this week our internal server to Alfresco 201701-GA, today a new release 201702-GA is available. Following steps can be performed to apply this new release.

Identifying changed components

Components has been downloaded for every version from Alfresco Community web page:

A comparing process has been performed by using an external program:

  • amps/alfresco-share-services.amp
  • bin/alfresco-mmt.jar
  • web-server/webapps/ROOT.war
  • web-server/webapps/alfresco.war
  • web-server/webapps/share.war
  • web-server/webapps/solr4.war

As we installed SOLR 6, is not required to upgrade solr4.war.

Applying the changes

Stop Alfresco.

$ service alfresco stop

Copying new resources to Alfresco installation folders.

$ cp 201702/amps/alfresco-share-services.amp /opt/alfresco/amps
$ cp 201702/bin/alfresco-mmt.jar /opt/alfresco/bin
$ cp 201702/web-server/webapps/*.war /opt/alfresco/tomcat/webapps/

Applying our configuration to new web apps.

$ /opt/alfresco/bin/apply_amps.sh

Start Alfresco.

$ service alfresco start

It’s done!

Minor upgrading in an easy task in Alfresco, when having a properly maintained server.

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