keensoft UST Global offers its Business Intelligence y Big Data services for more than 10 años , which guarantees the quality of our services for our clients in the most demanding sectors of the economy (financial, logistics, industrial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and public administrations). To achieve this, we work with our team of trained professionals with long experience and

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We had two successful Alfresco Developer Conferences or BeeCon in 2016 & 2017 organised by the Order of the Bee. Probably this is why Alfresco is celebrating a new Alfresco DevCon next January in Lisbon. If you are interested in the insights of this history, you can read Jeff Potts or Order of the Bee

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Some months ago, keensoft team started to work in the foundation of the Alfresco Expertise Center at UST Global. This is the first ECM-related center worldwide in the company and it’s also one of the few open source focused. This center will deliver professional services for both Alfresco Community and Alfresco Enterprise platforms. The services catalog,

Last Friday, 22nd September 2017, larger ever Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon happened. Let’s review some figures to understand the impact of this event: 25 hours non-stop hacking leaded without interruptions by Order of the Bee board member Axel Faust About 80 developers from 5 continents contributing new open source features to the product 11 hacker

1.0.0 release for Alfresco Deleted Content Store Cleaner addon has been published in our GitHub. This is an open source addon to complete node elimination lifecycle in Alfresco. You can combine this addon with Trashcan Cleaner feature from Alfresco 5.2 to configure a full path for physical file removal in your file system. As usual,

Some weeks ago, Alfresco launched the Alfresco Community-Sourced Videos Program. This program involves to Alfresco Community members in producing video tutorial material for Alfresco platform. Rewards are as original as handsome: Your video will be published on our new dedicated community videos pages You’ll be awarded 100 community contributor points for creating a new video (and 10

Alfresco has released the last GA version for 5.2 CE, available at 201707 GA Release. In the next months, version 6 will start to produce some EA (Early Access) release before the first GA (Generally Available) release will be available. For Alfresco 5.2. CE, this process has produced 3 EA releases and 5 GA release in about 1

jBCNConf 2017 review

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keensoft UST Global joined Alfresco booth at jBCNConf 2017 to spread the word about Open Source, Community, Alfresco and Order of the Bee. We talked one to one with near one hundred of Java devs sharing experiences and points of view around the concept of Digital Business Platform and the adoption of this model by

The third edition of the JBCNConf starts today. From 19th to 21th June, we’ll be sharing knowledge and experiences, meeting enthusiasts and geeks and learning about new technologies related to the JVM. Fira Barcelona 2 will hosts workshops and talks from the most important experts in this programming language. A great opportunity to gain valuable

Tech Talk Live #106 Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – 4:00pm This event is organised by Alfresco and broadcasted by using YouTube platform every month. Both Alfresco engineers and Alfresco community members collaborate on these sessions to describe technical features of the platform. In episode #82, keensoft talked about upgrading Alfresco to 5.0 release. In #85, keensoft shared their participation