jBCNConf 2017 review

Friday, 23 June 2017 by

keensoft UST Global joined Alfresco booth at jBCNConf 2017 to spread the word about Open Source, Community, Alfresco and Order of the Bee. We talked one to one with near one hundred of Java devs sharing experiences and points of view around the concept of Digital Business Platform and the adoption of this model by

The third edition of the JBCNConf starts today. From 19th to 21th June, we’ll be sharing knowledge and experiences, meeting enthusiasts and geeks and learning about new technologies related to the JVM. Fira Barcelona 2 will hosts workshops and talks from the most important experts in this programming language. A great opportunity to gain valuable

Tech Talk Live #106 Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – 4:00pm This event is organised by Alfresco and broadcasted by using YouTube platform every month. Both Alfresco engineers and Alfresco community members collaborate on these sessions to describe technical features of the platform. In episode #82, keensoft talked about upgrading Alfresco to 5.0 release. In #85, keensoft shared their participation

Alfresco Meetup at London It has been a pair of years without Alfresco Meetups, where developers around the world have the chance to test some new functionality and to discuss in depth with its creators. Last 1st of March the cycle started again in London. I really enjoyed so much the meeting, as I was

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Alfresco SDK 3.0 beta 1 available

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 by

It has been released the first beta for Alfresco SDK 3.0, which is the Alfresco Developer Framework based in Maven. Many changes have arrived since that first release announced by Gab and Maoo for Alfresco Summit 2014. And it looks like the new development team (Gab and Maoo quit from Alfresco last year) is planning even

BeeCon 2016 is approaching fast

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 by

April 27 is the date. BeeCon 2016, held in Brussels and organized by Order of the Bee, will bring together Community developers, Alfresco employees and any other people interested in growing up Alfresco all around the world. keensoft participates in many activities during the conference: As sponsor, we are promoting the Welcome Party for attendees

Alfresco CE 5.1 includes a new functionality long demanded by users: the location to navigate to after first login or via the “home” link can be controlled by every user based on their individual preference. In keensoft, our customers are requiring another functionality related to this: home page for every Site should be defined by Site

Alfresco has cancelled its Summit planned for the last quarter of 2015 and entrusted the Community with the task of staging an annual world event for developers, which will be known as BeeCon and held in the first quarter of 2016. As active members of the Order of the Bee, keensoft holds a place on the

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Alfresco Analytics 1.0

Thursday, 14 May 2015 by

Alfresco is ready to launch its new statistical analysis product. This module will probably be available for the Enterprise version only. Alfresco Analytics is a Pentaho based analytical reporting engine. This product, which is installed separately from Alfresco One, communicates with ActiveMQ and integrates users via SSO. It has a predefined set of reports but allows new reports

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The venue for these sessions is Zaragoza (Paraninfo Building, University of Zaragoza) from 13 to 15 May 2015 and the theme is “The Archive Function in the context of Open Government”.  Keensoft will be presenting its experiences as a company specializing in knowledge management and the development of electronic administration projects with its Nubarchiva and Icearchiva solutions.