On September 22nd, Alfresco is going to celebrate the 3rd annual Global Virtual Hackathon. During this event, developers from every part of the world (starting from Australia, later joining from Asia, later Europe/Africa & finally Americas) will be hacking Alfresco in a 24 hours non stop session. All Alfresco developer, engineers, architects – anyone who

When a new document is uploaded to Alfresco there are several properties generated, one of them is called sys:locale, this property get its value from the user’s browser language. With the release of alfresco-search-service, that uses Solr6 as index engine, this property can be used to search a document. By default Alfresco, when searching in Solr6,

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BeeCon is the place for Alfresco developers to share findings, experiences and future plans. This year keensoft UST Global has participated in many different activities during the conference and now it’s time to review what we learned from it. Hack-a-thon About 30 Alfresco developers worked together to produce 10 new features in just one day.

BeeCon 2017 is the Alfresco Developer Conference. However, despite other product conferences, this one is organised purely by volunteers from Order of the Bee. In fact, no one earns money with this event, even there are some people paying with their own money to provide services or facilites to attendees. This year keensoft, a UST Global

Since we upgraded this week our internal server to Alfresco 201701-GA, today a new release 201702-GA is available. Following steps can be performed to apply this new release. Identifying changed components Components has been downloaded for every version from Alfresco Community web page: alfresco-community-distribution-201701.zip alfresco-community-distribution-201702.zip A comparing process has been performed by using an external

Last month, first prod version for Alfresco Community 5.2 branch was released. After last changes, this version is identified as 201701 and it includes following components: 5.2.e for Alfresco Platform 5.2.d for Alfresco Share This blog post describes our upgrading process for our corporative server, where Alfresco 5.1.g using SOLR 4 was installed. Upgrading has been performed

Alfresco 5.1.g Two months ago Alfresco Community 5.1.g (201605 GA) was released. This is the last release from branch 5.1 and we have installed it several times successfully for our customers. Our internal server for Alfresco is running Ubuntu 12.04, so we were waiting to upgrade to 14.04 or 16.04 before upgrading Alfresco. However, finally we decided

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Alfresco has launched the very first public release for its new developer framework denominated Alfresco Application Framework. More details can be obtained at https://www.alfresco.com/blogs/developer/2016/06/30/announcing-alfresco-ng2-components This framework includes a set of basic Angular 2 componentes for Alfresco and Activiti and an easy building tool for apps and components based on Yeoman. All these componentes run on

If you ever have encountered the need to make Oracle to PostgreSQL database migrations this article may be usefull for you. At keesoft we’ve accomplished this task sevelar times, specifically on Alfresco migration projects based previously on Oracle. As a result we’ve built a tool to ease the process of transforming Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.

This week has been released last 5.1 release for Alfresco CE, which is called 201605-GA. This release fixes some SOLR 4 integration problems and includes a patch to avoid possible hackings relatives to ImageTragick. Below, a clean installation from scratch is described, as someone told me this morning there was no tutorials in the web