keensoft UST Global started using Alfresco Community for internal purposes in early 2013 over Ubuntu 12.04. We started with 4.0.d but in a few we upgraded to 4.2.c. From them, we have been sharing every upgrading process in our blog: Upgrade from 4.2.c to 5.0.c Upgrade from 5.0.c to 5.1.g (201605) Upgrade from 5.1.g (201605)

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Hemos grabado una sesión para explicar las principales novedades de Alfresco 6: Despliegue del producto con Docker, Docker Compose y Kubernetes Actualización de librerías del core SSO con Keycloak para Alfresco, Activiti y ADF Diferencias entre la versión Enterprise y la versión Community El nuevo servicio de búsqueda: Alfresco Insight Engine Aplicación de referencia en

Since Alfresco published The IT Strategist’s Guide to Transforming ECM,7 habits that help you unlock the value of enterprise content, we’ve been extracting lessons from this Library of Resources. The guide includes a code of conduct for technologic decision takers, focusing the content in seven principles: Prioritize User Experience Take a Content Service Approach Explore Open

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During the last years, API as product approach has been adopted by many companies to expose or sell their services in the Internet. Using a winning combination like OpenApis for description and apigee for API Management, is helping organisations to adopt this strategy faster and safer. However, before thinking in the technical part, it’s required to

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Alfresco has been releasing EA (Early Access) releases for Alfresco 6 since November 2017. But now, the first Alfresco 6 GA (Generally Available) release is near. Probably it will be released before summer. Alfresco 6 is a step forward to Native Cloud Platforms, named by the company as “Digital Business Platform” some months ago. This

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Since Gartner killed ECM term some months ago, many other terms have been proposed for this market. Content Services Platforms (CSP), the one coming from Gartner, seems to be the winner. Despite AIIM, creator of ECM, is rejecting the adoption of CSP, many other actors are using it to describe their solutions. Alfresco, Microsoft, OpenText, Hyland and

Lot of people is talking in the last months about the new Alfresco UI technology based in Angular and named ADF (Alfresco Development Framework). This framework, which now is just a limited component catalog, is intended to replace completely the current Alfresco Share UI in the next years. However, initial Alfresco 6 EA releases are

This text aims to expose our humble experience extending alfresco-content-app, but first some context about motivations behind. After the awesome DevCon event organized by Alfresco and the OrderOfTheBee this January in Lisbon, there is still some buzzing going on about some of the challenges present in the current Alfresco ecosystem. Personally I couldn’t attend the

Last Saturday, January 13rd, keensoft UST Global sponsored the Technovation Challenge Aragón official launch event-workshop in the Open Urban Lab space inside ETOPÍA. The event was a huge successful and overcame all the expectations with a total of 20 teams formed by 55 girls. These girls are becomed in the first Aragonese participants of this

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I know, probably I missed the logo, but it’s because I felt like in the old days 🙂 Last week, every Alfresco developer and enthusiast attended Alfresco Developer Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. After three days of intensive collaboration, communication and learning a slow recap is required. However, having a first notes on the contents (and

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